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Types of travel bags

Types of travel bagsA travel bag is specified to carry clothes and other essential belongings when traveling. Obviously, everyone needs a classy travel bags that will not give them a hard time while traveling.

You need to purchase a travel bag that suits your preferences and fits all the valuables you require during your travel. Bags are designed differently and come in different sizes, shapes and perform different functions. Some of the most common travel bags are:

Rolling suitcase

They come in different sizes to choose from. It’s so easy to use it. You just need to hold the trolley handle and roll the suitcase on a smooth surface. It saves you from having to put your luggage weight on your back which would be so cumbersome for you. However, rolling it on a rough road or surface or through stairs is quite difficult and can even spoil the suitcase wheels.  It’s suitable for individuals who have a lot of luggage to carry to and from the journey. They come in brands such as Samsonite, Swiss-gear, and Travel-on.


They are strong and durable. They are suitable if you are going for an adventurous travel. They are made up of long straps that enable you to carry on your business; no shoulder or arm strain. They are not recommended for long trekking as they may result to back pains.

Shoulder bag

It is made up of straps to carry on your shoulder. It is suitable for short-term traveling as it allows you to carry essential valuables you will need.

Travel laptop case bag

It is similar to the rolling case but small in size. This is because they are designed in such a way that you can fit your laptop and other small essential things.


It is also a professionalism bag used to carry salient documents that you require when traveling. Its hard outside material protects your documents from spoiling. Nevertheless, it requires maximum care as it might be snatched from you without your knowledge.

Travel tote bag

They come in different materials, sizes and shapes. They suit individuals who plan to travel for a short period of time. This is because they can fit only a few essential valuables required. Their advantage is that you can use its shoulder strap or wheels to move around.

Duffel bags

If you are into sports activities and hobbies, then this is the best bag to travel with. It’s also suitable for casual trips. It allows you to comfortably carry all your travel equipment without strain. Their long straps enable you to carry on your shoulders but not for long trekking distance.

Messenger travel bags

it is made up of a long strap for carrying on your shoulder. They are suitable for individuals who carry moderate luggage. This is because carrying heavy luggage is harmful to your shoulder.

–          According to Five Star Garage Door Service other travel bags include the rolling backpack and the designer luggage.

–          Choosing the best travel bag will save you from the stress of having to leave out your essential valuables while traveling. Invest on the best bag for you.